Bay Area Excursions: Fort Funston National Park

We usually hike with Loki around the bay area on the weekends. Its a great way to explore new areas, get healthy, and keep Loki physically and mentally stimulated! This Saturday, we decided to check out Fort Funston in San Francisco. I’ve heard raving reviews of this beach/park from locals at our regular park, but still couldn’t justify dealing with weekend bay bridge traffic…until now.

Fort Funston National Park
Skyline Blvd
San Francisco, CA 94132

I kept my expectations low because we’ve been to dog-friendly beaches around the bay before, but this place takes dog beach to a whole other level – It is DOGGY PARADISE. Dogs of all sizes and breeds wander off-leash around the entire park. This might be frightening for some owners, but the place is so big that its easy to walk away from tense situations. The beach, oh man, the beach was HUGE with tons of dogs happily running around. Loki does pretty well off-leash in contained areas (I consider beaches to be one of them), so he had a blast chasing dogs around. He had a short scuffle with a smaller dog over, sigh, yet another ball, but behaved very well with the lack of toys to guard on the beach.

20130720_142806Except for his stick…of course.

Would’ve been nice if the weather was a bit warmer, but you can’t expect too much from bay area weather. With that said, would I go back? YES. Would I recommend this to others? YES! Best dog beach I’ve been to, ever. Rating: 10/10


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