Product Review: Flexi Leash

Although my experience using the flexi leash has been mixed, they remain popular for a good reason. Regular dog leads drag on the ground, leaving both the leash and your hands dirty. I’ve yet to find a product that rivals the popularity of the flexi, but I wish there were more choices!

Flexi Comfort 2 Medium, 16ft, $28


We bought this flexi 6 months ago and its still holding up. The only problem is, Loki chewed halfway through part of the rope ><


Needless to say, we aren’t taking any chances with this leash anymore. The weight of the handle is just heavy enough to slow Loki down if I drop the leash. Rope leashes can cause pretty painful rope burns, so be careful when letting your dog play with the leash on! The handle on this flexi is rubber, giving it a more comfortable grip compared to its plastic counterparts. Rating: 7/10

Flexi Classic 2 Medium, 16ft, $20


There are a few differences compared to the previous flexi. The handle is smaller and ligher, which is more comfortable on long walks and hikes. On the other hand, Loki can easily drag this around if I ever dropped the leash. The strip from the buckle to the rope is more narrow. Given that Loki chewed halfway through the previous flexi, I’m not sure if this is an advantage. This flexi claims to support dogs up to 44lbs, so Loki is well within the range. Its too early to give a good rating on this leash, so for now, I’ll have to say that I’m simply satisfied with the product. Rating: Satisfied

Flexi Explore Large Long 3, 26ft, $32


The motivation behind getting this leash, which claims to support dogs up to 110lbs, is because Loki tends to bolt. Buying a heavy duty leash should prevent any accidents from happening, right? After all, Loki is only 25lbs.


I’m extremely thankful that the leash didn’t snap outdoors. The incident occurred when I was driving with Loki buckled into his seatbelt and this flexi. Loki tends to pull a LOT in the car, but the seatbelt remained completely intact (I highly recommend the seatbelt). As for this leash, it snapped near the buckle after he tugged a bit too hard. Still, I don’t think he has the capability to exert as much force as a 110lb dog. I only had this leash for a week before it snapped =( Overall, this product is a complete failure. Rating: 1/10

The three products, side-by-side.20130714_162858Flexi Comfort 2  /  Flexi Medium 2  /  Flexi Long 3

If I had to choose, I would probably purchase the comfort 2 again. Do you have any recommendations for alternatives to the flexi?


One thought on “Product Review: Flexi Leash

  1. M.C.

    I’m just not a fan of Flexis at all, and even less so after reading your reviews! Especially the one that snapped! Yikes!

    I’ve basically always used 6′ leads, and worked on loose leash walking. I feel like I develop a better rhythm walking together with my dogs that way, which spills over into our off-leash ventures. Bolting should definitely be discouraged, whether on or off-lead! A regular leash that allows me to keep my dogs close also helped me learn to take subtle physical cues from them, and vice versa. I’d like to think that leashed control (which is not ever-present, since they also know they get lots of time to run in open areas) also tempers some of my dogs’ wilder impulses. They know they have to behave differently when the leash is on, and that makes it easier for both of us. Granted, instinct and youthful energy still account for lots of unpredictability… and both of mine are a bit older than Loki. 😉


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