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How do you safely travel with your dog?

Ever since Loki was a puppy, we’ve allowed him to sit on top of my lap during car rides in the passengers seat. This seemingly innocuous habit is quite dangerous if we ever got into an accident *knock on wood*. As he grew older and heavier, we tried to keep him in the backseat with no success. I had subconsciously conditioned him to remain calm by sitting on my lap instead of the backseat. Nowadays, he remains calm during rides around town, but the moment the car hits the highway, he flips out and will do ANYTHING in his power (even strangle himself) to sit on my lap, or hide beneath the driver’s feet! @_@

20130608_192111Loki: I’m not a backseat doggy!!

Needless to say, we’ve had to make a few rules when traveling with Loki. So far, we still haven’t found a method or product that completely works. Below are some reviews of products that I’ve purchased for Loki so far.

Deluxe Quilted and Padded seat cover for Pets – One Size Fits All 56″Wx94″L Taupe – $40


To any shiba inu or sheddy dog owners out there: this cover is absolutely necessary to prevent your dog’s hair from overtaking your car! This dog seat cover lined the backseat of my 2010 Prius perfectly. Since we take Loki out on hiking trips a lot, having the cover is essential in keeping his dirty paws away from my seats. What I love about this product is that the cover is coated with waterproof material, so you can see beads of water rolling off the cover. TIP: Read the instructions on how to hand wash it correctly. Rating: 9/10

P26o Adjustable Pet Cat Dog Safety Leads Car Seat Belt – $4

Works surprisingly well given how cheap this is. You should hook this onto your dog’s harness and not the collar to prevent chocking. It works well if your dog is calm and sits steady in the backseat, but not so much if your dog freaks out on highways >< Rating: 9/10

I’m considering giving the Petego Pet Tube Kennel, but I’m a little taken back by the $110 price tag. If anyone has recommendations on products to keep your dog secured and safe in the back, do share!