Loki spam!

I just realized that Andrew uploaded a bunch of photos half a year ago to this blog, when Loki was still a young little puppy. We totally forgot to blog about our road trip from the bay area to Vancouver! Looking back at these pictures, I can’t believe he used to be such a tiny little cutie pie! Hes all grown up now, and will never be as cuddly as he was before 😦 Ah, the good ol’ days when Loki was cuddly…

IMG_3500IMG_3487 IMG_3475 IMG_3455Loki met a female sesame shiba, but she wasn’t as eager to meet him as he was πŸ˜›

IMG_3454 IMG_3407 IMG_3401 IMG_3358She was SO sweet and sooooooooo adorable!!! And Loki scared her away 😦


Gahhh those eyes!!! Makes your heart melt ❀

IMG_3269 IMG_3266




One thought on “Loki spam!

  1. Lokness

    Loki is so adorable!!!!! And you guys sure captured some great moments of Loki. My husband and I love dogs. We grew up with dogs. Unfortunately, we are living in a small apartment now. When we have a house, we will sure get a dog. πŸ™‚


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