One bone to rule them all

When we first brought Loki home from the breeder, she mentioned that she gave him cow hoofs to chew on. Perhaps this is why Loki is biased towards these bones. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that cow hoofs are by far his favorite chew toy. And how many chew toys does Loki have? Well…


The squirrel house that we bought him 5-6 months ago is surprisingly still intact! He doesn’t care too much for plastic chew toys, and he regained his interest in attacking the squirrel house again. Perhaps its the taste of animal bone that hes attracted to? Even then, when it comes to chewing on bones, there are few types that we bought him.

bonesFrom left to right – cow hoof ($1.75), bully stick ($5.99), deer antler ($10?)

As I’m typing this blog, Loki is chewing away on his cow hoof behind me. You can smell how foul the hoof is a few feet away @_@ I’ve read pros and cons on dog forums about giving your dog cow hoofs. For now, I’ll stick with it because its the only thing that distracts him from chewing up my house. Thank goodness its a cheap and effective toy!

bullyl’ll just sit here with my cow hoof, thank you


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