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One bone to rule them all

When we first brought Loki home from the breeder, she mentioned that she gave him cow hoofs to chew on. Perhaps this is why Loki is biased towards these bones. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed that cow hoofs are by far his favorite chew toy. And how many chew toys does Loki have? Well…


The squirrel house that we bought him 5-6 months ago is surprisingly still intact! He doesn’t care too much for plastic chew toys, and he regained his interest in attacking the squirrel house again. Perhaps its the taste of animal bone that hes attracted to? Even then, when it comes to chewing on bones, there are few types that we bought him.

bonesFrom left to right – cow hoof ($1.75), bully stick ($5.99), deer antler ($10?)

As I’m typing this blog, Loki is chewing away on his cow hoof behind me. You can smell how foul the hoof is a few feet away @_@ I’ve read pros and cons on dog forums about giving your dog cow hoofs. For now, I’ll stick with it because its the only thing that distracts him from chewing up my house. Thank goodness its a cheap and effective toy!

bullyl’ll just sit here with my cow hoof, thank you


A Hot Sunday Morning

Farmers Market
The farmers market opens every Sunday near my house, so today I decided to take Loki there to meet some new friends. Despite arriving at the market around 11am, I was already starting to feel the afternoon heat beating down on my skin. There were a lot of dogs sitting outside the market underneath the shade, none of which Loki was interested in because of all the distractions – new smells, noises, people, and dogs! Getting him to walk alongside me had never been so difficult. Unfortunately, I was politely asked to take Loki outside of the market due to health regulations. I should have known beforehand, but there weren’t any signs!



I scored some amazing homemade pesto to pair with naan that I bought at Trader Joes, as well fresh granola packaged in the cutest little bag. Can’t wait to try it!

Brushing Loki’s Fur
Brushing Loki’s hair used to be a painful experience, but I today I made a breakthrough! I was able to brush him for a full 15-minutes without him grring or snapping at me! He only tolerates brushing with the Kong zoomgroom brush. I suspect that the rubber teeth doesn’t feel as uncomfortable against his skin, in contrast to the GripSoft Softpin brush that I bought a while back.


This is a 2-in-1 brush that you can use to lather shampoo during a bath, as well using it as a grooming device. I definitely recommend this to shiba owners.

hairIs that really my hair??

Learning to trim a dog’s nails

Loki has grown quite drastically since the inception of this blog. His fur coat grew thicker and softer, which is nice to touch but makes it challenging to do outdoor activities in the middle of the day. Believe it or not, Loki is 8 months old and he never had his nails trimmed before! Wait – I take that back. I did buy a pair of doggy nail clippers before, but I am terrified of cutting his nails too short and hurting him. We all know how difficult shibas can get when they associate an object with pain…

After digging around amazon, I finally settled on the Dremel 7300. It isn’t marketed for dogs, but dog owners who bought the doggy-version Dremel insists that this model is more powerful, therefore reducing the amount of time you need to grind your dog’s nails.


I actually haven’t used the grinder on Loki yet. I’ve been trying to get him comfortable with the sight and sound of the dremel. I’ll turn it on for a minute, give him a treat, and wait for him to approach me with the dremel running. So far, so good.


dremel3^ the dremel isn’t running! Don’t panic.

In fact, it worked SO well that when my dremel was laying on the floor, Loki decided it was his new toy and started chewing the base of the dremel =( Well, I suppose its a good thing. I’ll continue to this for the next few days so that Loki has no negative associates with the grinder. Only then will I start using it on him, can’t wait to see how that goes… (sarcasm).

So I finally used the dremel on Loki…and guess what? He didn’t freak out! Grinding his nails is a 2-person job though, and I’ll tell you a little trick. Andrew was holding Loki and distracting him with some honey on a spoon while I used the dremel to trim his nails – he didn’t even flinch! I have harder times brushing his coat than I do trimming his nails. I love how fast and easy it is to use this grinder – takes literally 1 or 2 swipes to round out his nails. Definitely would recommend this product!