Shibuddies 4 Life

Shibuddies 4 Life

For the first time since leaving his litter, Loki ran into another Shiba! Loki’s always been a bit of rough player with other dogs, and the response is fairly universal – tolerance at best, irritation, avoidance or even aggression at worst. As soon as Loki met his new friend, his style of play suddenly made sense. Instead of jumping on top of an irritated dog, they did a kind of doggy sumo wrestling, where they were both up on their hing legs, attempting to wrestle each other to the ground. The other Shiba, named Taiko, is 9 months, just a bit older than Loki, so they both seemed to have endless energy for play. The biggest challenge with letting them play was keeping their leashes untangled – they inevitably spun around in circles every minute or so, causing Taiko’s owner and I to have to frequently untangle their leashes. I exchanged contact info with the owner, so hopefully they will be able to meet up again soon at a dog park for some off-leash play.


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