Cruisin’ up the coast – Part 1

We’re back! We took a hiatus from updating Loki’s blog because we took a mini vacation and drove up the coast, from San Francisco to Vancouver B.C. Along the way, Loki was exposed to a bunch of new surroundings – beaches, woods, heavy rain, hail, and snow!

The first stop of our trip was a place called Sea Ranch Lodge. We Airbnb’d most of the places along the trip, and 95% of the time we were satisfied with the experience. Our first stop was the priciest, but also the most beautiful of all locations. Sea Ranch Lodge is a cabin tucked in the middle of nowhere surrounded by redwood trees. The cabin was completely furnished with everything that you would need on a cold winter day…except for hot chocolate 😛 Okay, I can’t complain because they offered complimentary wine with our reservation. At $150/night, I would recommend this place for honeymooners or couples who want a nice getaway.


Don’t worry, we drank all the wine before Loki got to it 😛


Having a working fireplace makes things so wonderful! The smell of burning wood, the sound of Christmas carols, and the wood furnishings throughout the house adds to an experience that I’ll never forget.

Most of the night though, Loki was just doing this:

IMG_2928and this:

IMG_2946and this:



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