Pull up to the scene with my collar missin

One of the first things we learned about Loki when picking him up was he HATED collars. We slowly got him adjusted to it, but a lot of the time at home he would just prance around naked like this was some kind of hippie commune. Fortunately, those days are over, but we’ve had to try out a few collars until arriving at one that seems to work. Initially he had a cheap collar to hang his tags on that wasn’t strong enough to attach a leash to – so we had to get another for walks. The second was a bit heavy and seemed to get in his way a lot, plus Julie often worried that it put too much strain on his neck. So finally, we got him his “Puppia” doggy harness, which as worked out great so far. Here he is showing it off for the first time on a trip to the vet.

I'm ready for my shots!


Speaking of the vet, he got his 3rd set of shots this week, so he’s free to roam all over the city, including dog parks! We’re taking it a step farther, and going on a trip up the coast, so we also had to get a health certificate for crossing the Canadian border. Interestingly enough, these certificates are only good for 10 days now, so we have to be sure to come back by the 17th or Loki will be a permanent Canadian citizen! (Or we might just have to make a second trip to a vet up there.)

After the vet trip, I walked him around some more in his new harness as well as his relatively new flexi-leash. I know you’re not supposed to let them walk too far ahead of you, but sometimes I like to let him go at his own pace so that he can get some extra exercise and wear himself out a little. I’ve noticed that although he likes to walk a bit faster, he always stops every 10 feet or so and check to see if I’m still behind him.

What's the hold up?

We will also be using the flexi-leash to let him run around on the beach during our trip! We even have some new “fetch” toys for him to chase around. So far he’s fetching much better than I had expected.

Loki is sure to have some awesome adventures during the trip, although updates may be sparse depending on how much Wifi access there is. Until then, here’s a video of Loki trying to get along with his BFF Mochi.


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