Update: Loki + Mochi’s Playing

Its been two days since I came home to babysit my sister’s dog Mochi. If you didn’t read my previous post about Mochi, you should read this first.

Slow but Steady Progress
I’m starting to see progress on their behaviors. Its incredible how fast they are learning, but I still have to monitor their behavior 24/7. I keep Loki’s leash indoors at all times, and hes learning to stop chasing/nipping Mochi inside the house. It seems that socialization with other dogs is crucial to develop doggy manners right now, so I will be taking him to more doggy socials.

As much as Loki’s behavior is annoying, I’m realizing that Mochi isn’t super well behaved either. Hes smart enough to obey commands for treats, but I’ve realized that he is food, territory, and toy aggressive. Not towards humans, but to other dogs. If Loki ventures near his spot in the kitchen, Mochi will start growling. Taking Mochi on walks have been challenging as well. He is at least 20-25lbs, and he pulls hard without regard to where I want to walk. I suspect that my sister and parents simply follow wherever he wants to go, so Mochi has learned that he is the leader. I’ve been spending a lot of time training Loki not to pull on the leash; hopefully he won’t grow up to walk like Mochi.

Playing Behavior
With careful supervision, I’ve finally managed to engage Mochi to play with Loki. As long as I throw the toy at Loki, Loki will snatch it and run around to get Mochi to chase him. If I watch them too closely, Mochi focuses too much on me. If I pretend not to care, Mochi sometimes starts chasing Loki for the toy. The moment Loki starts to nip at Mochi, I immediately step in and tell Loki to sit for a treat. Whenever I correct a behavior, I always end it with something positive like a treat.


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