Loki making new friends at home and on the go

Loki got to meet my mom’s Chihuahua billy over Thanksgiving, and during that time made up a game for them to play together. Well, it was mostly Loki playing and Billy trying not to get too irritated with the puppy-ness of it all. Anyway, you can see for yourself, it’s some kind of peek-a-boo, jump out and surprise the other dog ordeal. He was very excited to have a friend to play with — and he played relatively nicely this time, aside from still being a bit rough. (By the way, no idea what that white floating stuff in the video is – not my house!)

Yesterday Loki got to go on a trip to the Berkeley Marina/Cesar Chavez park and met tons of doggy friends. If you haven’t been, Cesar Chavez park is this big strip of grassy land jutting out into the ocean with lots of paths and tons of people with their dogs. It’s kind of like an island doggy paradise — complete with little chipmunks everywhere for dogs to try to chase! I would definitely check it out if you’re in the area.

After walking around in the grassy area for a while, I wanted to take Loki down to the water to give him his first glimpse of the ocean, while also honing his mountaineering skills. He seemed to be so fascinated by it all that he forgot for a while about his need to eat every object imaginable within his reach — or maybe the sea sludge on the rocks was too gross even for him.



The whole time we were exploring Loki’s new oceanic frontier, we didn’t know, until turning around, we were getting the “stare of disapproval.”

Coincidentally, this is the same look I get when I haven’t made a new blog post in a while. 🙂


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