Oh deers.

I was able to snap this picture seconds before Loki scared the deer away. Once in a while, deers will get lost during the daytime and station themselves in our backyard. I’m not sure why they like our backyard so much, maybe it feels more ‘foresty’ compared to the other yards because its so unkept. I haven’t seen deers in a while, so it was a surprise when I opened up the curtains this morning and the deer was just chillin’ in our yard. Loki didn’t seem to notice at first, and then he barked the deer away. A couple hours later, the deer made itself back to our yard. Loki has been sitting by the window on the lookout for deers every since.

Maybe if I don’t move…humans won’t see me!

And of course, the obligatory cute picture of the day. Pretty impressive quality for a camera phone, taken with my Samsung S3!


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