Adventure day with mountain dog!

Julie had a big work thing today, so that left me and Loki by ourselves to have some fun! After dropping her off and driving back to the house, I could tell Loki couldn’t wait to go out and have some adventures.


Or…you know…take a long nap… It was raining pretty hard anyway so adventures would have to wait until later. You can’t say no to a good nap on a rainy day.


After we were all rested up, we headed out to meet some new friends! We decided to check out a local park to meet some doggie and kiddie friends. Loki couldn’t wait.


Sadly, it looked like not everyone was feeling as adventurous as us on this rainy day. We only ran into a few other dogs. We tried throwing his hol-ee roller ball, but he was more interested in sniffing around in the grass. Next stop was Indian rock.


According to Wikipedia, the Shiba is “A small, agile dog that copes very well with mountainous terrain.” This looked like an excellent time to put Loki to the test. As you can see here, he’s a born mountaineer. We started with this smaller climb called “Mortar Rock” but Loki was like “Please, you call this a rock??” So we moved on to the larger Indian rock.


He had a tough time staying on the designated path, but Loki scaled the mini-mountain with ease, meeting a number of students and Berkeley natives along the way. Indian rock is a great place to sit, enjoy the scenery (ignoring the bud light cans..damn college students) and reflect on life while watching the sun set over the bay area. Or in Loki’s case, reflect on “what’s that noise over there?” and “I wonder if I can eat this?”

After the sun went down and Loki said goodbye to his adoring fans, we drove back and he ravenously finished his early dinner. After sitting down to my laptop to search for some “food toys” to help him eat a little more slowly, I realized I hadn’t heard him for a while and got suspicious. After searching the whole house and not being able to find him, I came back to my chair and realized why.


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