All I want for my birthday is a big nylabone


We have been on a crazy dog toy buying spree and a new nylabone chewing bone is one of the items on the way. Until then I saw the cow hoofs when picking up pet food and remembered the breeder said they go crazy for them – and he does! I think a nylabone would be better for a number of reasons, but as I see it these are the pros and cons of the cow hoofs:


1. Some think they are too hard and can break dogs’ teeth. Since he still has his puppy teeth, not as much of an issue right now.

2. There is concern that small shards will break off and wreak havoc on his intestines. Pieces DO break off, but not sure how dangerous they are. I know chicken bones are advised against because they break of in sharp shards but other types aren’t as bad. Anyway, I wonder how wolves manage in the wild when they have the freedom to chew on bones all they want!

3. A few people online commented that these may be made in china and be filled with toxic chemicals. Well, the smell is unpleasant but it’s definitely a very “organic” smell. I’m not sure why you would need to add chemicals to cow hoofs anyway…


1. Whenever you give it to him he’s in chewing heaven!

2. Anytime he’s chewing on something he shouldn’t be, you can just tell him “no” and give him the cow hoof – whatever he was unleashing his tiny teeth on previously is instantly forgotten as he goes nuts on his poopy smelling cow foot.

In other news, he’s be doing good on walks, but still is a little perturbed by traffic. Walks definitely go faster on smaller streets, but I want him to get used to cars so this isn’t always an issue.


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