Potty behaviors of a hyperactive pup

Its been almost one week since we got Loki, and hes becoming fairly accustomed to his new home now. I’ve also been paying close attention to his behaviors and actions, and I’m really surprised at how easy it is to communicate with him and vice versa.

For example, he understand my ‘nuh-uh’ command, which I use when I don’t like what hes doing. He will usually back off. Sometimes, he gets too interested and this doesn’t work, so I give a very stern “NO.” I don’t like screaming at the puppy, and usually by using a calm tone of voice to give ‘nuh-uh’ is good enough. He gets it. You always want to follow a correction with a positive reinforcement, so I always make sure to praise him after he stops his behavior. Its been working really well.

I made the mistake of not buying him enough puppy kibbles…consequently I haven’t been able to feed him fully today šŸ˜¦ Hopefully my boyfriend will pick something up tomorrow morning after his work shift, but I resorted to feeding Loki some brown rice…which made his tummy upset because he started chewing on grass šŸ˜¦ He fell asleep shortly after dinner.

Like I mentioned in some previous posts, Loki makes it very clear when he needs to go potty. Which was why I was really surprised that he urinated in the entry room again. I think it was because of the brown rice…didn’t make him feel all too well, and he couldn’t hold it in like usual. Its almost 1am now, and I just took Loki out twice in the past hour to go potty. Interesting thing is, Loki follows me around everywhere in the house. No matter where I go, he will prefer to stick close by. I went back to my bedroom and closed the door (it doesn’t close tightly for some reason), and Loki preceded to run around like a maniac in the room, and then push OPEN the bedroom door! He started whining and running to the doors / windows in the house. I think that is his way of saying “I need to go outside to potty NOW!” Sure enough, I grab my campingĀ lanternĀ and take him out to patches of grass. This guy is PICKY. He won’t just go anywhere, he needs to scope around the area to find his perfect spot. I thought I found it, but I just learned he has a new pee spot…in front of our neighbors yarn.

Well, at least I’m glad he knows not to potty indoors…right?


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