Visiting the breeder


My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a while now (it was more of my idea to get a shiba, but he wasn’t against it). A year ago, I contacted some reputable breeders in California to inquire about the process of getting a shiba inu puppy. I received some great advice, and decided to hold off until I had more of a stable schedule.

A year later, I’m finally in the position to be able to get a puppy. I made my rounds with the most reputable breeders in California, but none of them had available pups. My boyfriend ended up calling a lady she found on the AKC website, and she responded with good news – she had both a boy and a girl!

When we decided to visit her house several days later, I was a bit skeptical. Her price was higher than another reputable breeder I had recently inquired with, and she wasn’t on any ‘reputable’ list besides advertising on AKC. Nevertheless, we went to her house and decided to meet the pup anyhow.

One of the most important things to look for is the living conditions of your breeder’s house. To my relief, the breeder had a pretty sweet set up – a really big backyard with plenty of room for the pups to roam around. She kept the pups crated inside the house with the siblings, and the house itself was spotlessly clean. I felt reassured.

Another important thing you want to look for is the temperament of the pups parents. Unfortunately, Loki’s mom died of cancer recently (I didn’t press the breeder for too many questions because she seemed upset by the topic, but I wonder if I should of?), so only Loki’s dad and daughter remained. I was really impressed with their temperaments, particularly the dads. They were all relatively calm and friendly.

When I met Loki, he was a pretty calm puppy who liked to wiggle around. If you held him, he wouldn’t bite you or bark at you. If you pressed on his paws, he didn’t make a peep (yesterday, a friend told me that an unofficial way to test the patience of a dog is to press gently on its paws, and see if it gets annoyed). If you held onto him, he laid in your arms and didn’t wiggle away from you.

And so, after asking the regular questions that you would ask any breeder (I won’t bother typing it here, google has a million of these lists), we decided to get Loki the next day. We rushed to purchase our crate and some dog toys, because I honestly didn’t expect to be getting a pup that soon! Trust me, when you go to a breeder and see your potential puppy, it takes a LOT to walk away without getting it.

And there you have it. The beginning of a long and wonderful journey with Loki the Shiba!


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