First night with Loki = success!


I expected a lot more chaos with Loki the first night. We drove about an hour back home from the breeders place to my house, and on the way back poor Loki puked on me šŸ˜¦ It was probably a combination of anxiety and car sickness.

When Loki arrived, he was curious about his new surroundings for a good hour. He sniffed and sniffed and roamed around the house, paying particular interest to the front door of the entry room (poor thing wanted out). I began building his new little home. Choosing his little home was a tricky process, and there are plenty of discussions on the pros and cons of wire vs plastic crates.

Initially, I was leaning towards wire crates for their ability to contract/expand as your puppy gets older. If you purchase a puppy play pen, you can also clip onto the sides of the crate. When we arrived to PetSmart, my boyfriend was in favor of getting a plastic crate instead – he insisted that plastic ones are more portable and easy to get around. We didn’t have much time, so we settled on this plastic crate:Ā

So far, so good! We didn’t even need to buy crate pads, and substituted using cheap microfiber throws from Ross instead.Ā After an hour of exploring, Loki finally came to the realization that he was away from his home and began freaking out =( Luckily, he accepted his crate as his ‘safety zone’ and runs back inside whenever he is scared. Another thing – when you purchase a puppy, ask for a piece of the puppy’s blanket or a toy from the breeder. It has the scent of their previous home, so it makes the transition to your house a lot better. When Loki felt scared, he kept cuddling up next to his little lamb.

The surprising thing is, Loki was quiet the whole night. Not a bit of whining, crying, or barking. I’ve read horror stories on how little sleep you get your first week, but I think I slept through the night pretty comfortable. For whatever reason, I woke up at 5am to find Loki roaming around the bedroom, much in need of using the bathroom.

Did I mention how much he HATES his collar? At the breeder’s house, I tried to put the collar on him…which was an easy process. It wasn’t until we let him down on the floor that he began to go insane. Running around and screeching the infamous ‘shiba scream’ in protest of the collar. We’ll have to figure out a way to slowly introduce him to his new collar.


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