Day 2 – learning to potty and sit

Fortunately, the breeder where we bought Loki from had a huge yard for him to roam around and do his business. Unfortunately for us, we have a yard that has a gaping hole. Not to mention, all the bushes and ivys along the walls make me very nervous for him to roam around freely in the yard.

Its only been two days, and I’ve already picked up some cues when he has to go potty. He generally starts whining and running back to the front door, peering out the window and looking desperately like he wants to go outside. The frustrating thing is, whenever we let him out after these episodes, he refuses to go potty. So we bring him back in and he repeats the whole cycle again. We placed a potty pad on top of a previous spot where he had peed. I saw him sniffing and circling around that spot for a little bit, and then he turned around and dropped a deuce. I caught him and gave him a firm “NO,” but dogs aren’t known to retract their poop ><

This morning, we decided to try the crating method to see if he would go potty. The first thing we did when we woke up was taking him out of the crate and letting him pee outside. Did he pee? Nope. So we put him back in the crate and closed the door for another 1/2 hr. Repeated that 3 times until he finally peed outside! No poop though, but I think I need to be more patient with his pooping.

Another happy note, I think Loki is starting to learn the ‘sit’ command! They weren’t kidding when they say shibas are stubborn. If Loki is sitting in his crate, it takes a lot to get him out. He comes to you when HE wants to. I think the clicker has definitely helped associate rewards with good behavior.

We began by using a clicker to associate the clicking sound with a reward. Click once, and then promptly give your pup a treat. Repeat this several times. Then I moved on to saying his name, clicking, and giving him a treat. Afterwards, when I got his (short lived) attention, I asked him to “sit” by gently pushing his butt down. The moment he held sat down, I praised him lavishly and clicked, gave him a treat. It really didn’t take much for him to understand this, and he began to start sitting when he saw my treat. The only thing is, he only likes to play and sit when he wants to. I know he wants it, but hes thinking inside his little head whether he wants to appease me or not! Silly dog. I’m happy with the progress we’ve made in two days 🙂


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